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A gothic fantasy for fans of Hannah Whitten and Caitlin Starling.

In a holy city where sins and blessings can be revealed through consecrated touch, Csilla - born without a soul - is worthless to the Church that raised her. But when a series of murders corrodes the magic that keeps the city safe, the Church elders see a use for her flaw: she can assassinate their prime suspect, a heretic with divine heritage, without the stain of sin.

The heretic, however, makes a counter-offer: clear his name and catch the real killer, without becoming a target herself, and he'll use his power to get her a soul. When their investigation catches the attention of Ilan, a ruthless Church Inquisitor demoted for his failure to solve the case, he reluctantly offers his help in order to earn back his position. He’ll bring in the murderer— or failing that, Csilla and the heretic. But as the death toll rises and their hunt pits them against the Faith, Csilla will find that salvation comes at the cost of everything she believes in.

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The star-crossed temporal romance of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR meets the yearning of DIVINE RIVALS in AS BORN TO RULE THE STORM.

Cadet Charlotte Amsel will trade her life to win a war- but not all at once. As part of an elite group of experimental soldiers, she can move through time, with each jump taking months from her own fated lifespan as she struggles to prevent the cold war from boiling over into an apocalypse. With her own side just as untrustworthy as the enemy, the only thing she cares about is keeping her best friend and fellow soldier (and in some timelines, lover) safe. But each time loop adds violent complications, and saving anyone before she runs out of life to give may prove impossible.

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“As Born to Rule the Storm elegantly renders lifetimes of love and loss in 120 pages. With emotional, cutting prose and a clever conceit, Baumer explores what it means to fight for glimmers of happiness in the darkness of certain doom. Bittersweet and perfect. “ — Allison Saft, New York Times bestselling author of A Far Wilder Magic

“With prose and plotting as precise and intricate as clockwork, As Born to Rule the Storm layers timelines like syncopated music, exploring the inevitability of war, loss, sacrifice—and love.”- Leanne Schwartz, author of A Prayer for Vengeance

“In As Born to Rule the Storm, Baumer expertly weaves the moving drama of both a war story and love story into one seamless, heartache of a book. If you read any novella this year, make it this one.” - Hayley Stone, author of Make Me No Grave 

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